Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. is the production fabrication and machining partner you've been looking for. Many of our projects involve producing hundreds, and even thousands of complex parts and assemblies for our customers. Our 33,000 sqf shop is equipped with over 40 fabrication and and machining stations, and is capable of continuous production 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Professional Relationships With a Human Touch

You're a real person, and so are we. Too many people want to reduce business relationships to endless forms, revision approvals, specifications, and other stuff that gets in the way of actually making things, and getting them to market. Agility is critical in today's fast paced manufacturing industry and our human touch, gives you a competitive advantage.

Built In Capacity and Reliability

When smaller shops take on big jobs there's always the risk that a single piece of equipment with no backup could fail, or an employee who's role hasn't been cross-trained will get sick or quit. Those kind of occasional, but inevitable events might cause you to miss your deadlines. Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. is a large shop with extensive multi-functional and redundant equipment. We have a highly skilled workforce trained in many disciplines.

Skilled Workforce

Left to their own devices, the only thing the most advanced machine and fabrication tools will do is rust. It's the people that produce what comes out of our shop, and we're proud of our team. We've grown a family of skilled workers here who can be happy to put their names on the things they do. We're a quality and speed focused shop and our people know that what we do needs to be done right.

Materials Handling Done Right

Proper material storage, organization and handling are essential for any well-run shop. We store our materials inside our temperature controlled warehouse, sorted on well labeled racks; Where we keep track of the certification documentation for those materials. We move our materials efficiently with forklifts, gantries and carts.

Automatic loading and removal of materials, finished products, and byproducts ensure fast, efficient production, reduce the possibility of errors. Materials are transported from station to station efficiently with designated carts, and as needed, custom cradling and support tools (which we make in-house.)

Prototype Development

Do you need a prototype manufactured? We offer complete prototype development services. Our extensive manufacturing experience informs our prototyping process so that when we design, or fabricate your prototypes you end up with something that can be produced within budget, and specification.

Packing and Shipping

"Looks like it was damaged in shipping" Isn't what you want to hear. The shipping of precision items can be fraught with difficulties. We can build custom packaging for your larger parts to ensure they are well protected during transport and arrive in good condition. For large production runs, durable, reusable packing allows items to be safely shipped as they are finished and can provide better protection and reduce overall costs when compared to disposable packaging which may be more difficult to use, and expensive on a per-shipment basis.

Drop Shipping

In today's agile on-demand marketplace, having a manufacturing partner who can make-to-order and ship directly to your customers, can be a huge advantage, eliminating the need for warehousing and internal shipping. We can produce items as required and send them directly where they need to go with your documentation.

Manufacturing Optimization

As a result of our diverse production experience we have developed an in-depth knowledge in regards to manufacturing methods and their various advantages. It's not enough to have made many individual things, making one thing inefficiently isn't usually a big deal. But when you need 500 of something it's important to optimize the process. We can apply our knowledge of efficient production methods to your projects to fill your order efficiently.

Design For Manufacturing

Sometimes, by making changes to the design, manufacturing costs and turnaround times can be dramatically reduced without impacting functionality. Our customers often work with us to refine their designs for streamlined manufacturing, combining multiple operations into a single step, reducing the number of components and materials, and eliminating waste.

Related Projects

Image representing Automotive Dent Pulling Cart

Automotive Dent Pulling Cart

Automotive dent pulling cart for mobile tent technicians.


Image representing Complex Equipment Cover

Complex Equipment Cover

Complex part with many surfaces, compound curves and intersecting bends


Image representing Radial bracket with Compound Curves

Radial bracket with Compound Curves

Small and complex fabricated clamping bracket.


Image representing Complex small bracket

Complex small bracket

A small complex sheet metal bracket with 6 bends, and multiple holes.


Image representing Commercial Heating Equipment Housing

Commercial Heating Equipment Housing

Laser cut, rolled and welded sheet metal housing for commercial heating equipment


Image representing Mobile Equipment Tube Frame

Mobile Equipment Tube Frame

Equipment frames fabricated from round tubing and sheet metal components


Image representing Equipment Fan Cover

Equipment Fan Cover

A fan cover for ventilation equipment.


Image representing Assorted Equipment Covers and Panels

Assorted Equipment Covers and Panels

Various sheet metal equipment covers, panels and similar parts.


Image representing CNC Turned and Milled Part

CNC Turned and Milled Part

This steel machine part is CNC turned and CNC milled.


Image representing Electropolished Stainless Steel Part

Electropolished Stainless Steel Part

An Electropolished Stainless Steel Assembly


Image representing Assorted Boxes, Enclosures, and Trays

Assorted Boxes, Enclosures, and Trays

Various sheet metal boxes, enclosures, trays, and covers we've made.


Image representing Motor Control

Motor Control

A enclosure for a 3-Phase motor commutator.


Image representing Tiny Machined Part

Tiny Machined Part

This interesting little part came through our shop.


Image representing Copper Electromagnetic Shielding

Copper Electromagnetic Shielding

A small electromagnetic shield


Image representing Assorted Electronics Chassis

Assorted Electronics Chassis

Various frames for electronics we have made.


Image representing Equipment Part with Difficult Bends

Equipment Part with Difficult Bends

This part features two tricky bends which require custom tooling.


Image representing Simple Sheet Metal Part

Simple Sheet Metal Part

A simple sheet metal part made with three bends and a rolled flange


Image representing Assorted Equipment Control Panels and Face Plates

Assorted Equipment Control Panels and Face Plates

A collection of different control panels and face plates we have made over the years


Image representing Gusseted Sheet Metal Components

Gusseted Sheet Metal Components

Formed gussets greatly improve the strength and rigidity of these parts


Image representing Assorted Aluminum Machine Parts

Assorted Aluminum Machine Parts

Assorted aluminum machine parts


Image representing Very Small Sheet Metal Component

Very Small Sheet Metal Component

This very small sheet metal component has four bends but smaller than a quarter.


Image representing Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum Heat Sink

Small heat sink, CNC punched, formed and riveted


Image representing Assorted Small Sheet Metal Brackets

Assorted Small Sheet Metal Brackets

Assorted Small sheet metal brackets