Do you have a machining project other shops don't want to touch? We have the facilities and skilled staff to handle complex and specialty machining.

Many machine shops are set up only for volume production. Our shop is set up for both low volume and production machining. We have installed multiples of virtually all of our equipment allowing some to be used for high volume, and some to be used for low volume machining work.

One of our advantages is that with twenty-one years of SolidWorks experience we can take your Solid Model files and convert them directly into CNC programs for our equipment. This dramatically cuts set-up time, back and forth, and reduces the possibility of human error.

One very valuable aspect of having a machine shop and fabrication shop in the same facility is when building assemblies or weldments that require both fabricated and machined components. The machinists and fabricators are able to work together to make sure that the various components fit or work together as intended before shipping to the customer.

For more information on our fabrication equipment and it's capacities please feel free to look over our equipment list.

CNC Milling Stations

Specification HAAS VF6 HAAS VF4 HAAS VF3
in mm in mm in mm
Table Width 64 1,625 52 1,320 48 1,219
Table Length 32 812 18 457 18 457
Travel Distance X 64 1,625 50 1270 40 1016
Travel Distance Y 28 711 20 508 20 508
Travel Distance Z 30 762 25 635 25 635
Spindle Speed (rpm) 10,000rpm 7,500rpm 7,500rpm
Motor (hp) 30hp 20hp 15hp
4th Axis Rotary Head Yes Yes Yes

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Custom Tube Bending Die

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