At Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. the consistent and accurate fabrication of frames and other weldments is one of our specialties. Decades of experience and proprietary techniques and processes allow us to produce frames and other structures with considerably higher accuracy and consistency than other shops. Our processes also reduce the need for constant measuring, double checking, and re-fitting of tubes, allowing us to deliver high accuracy weldments in less time than other shops.

Assembling parts and equipment to frames with multiple mounting points on different sub components is another challenge most shops struggle with, our experience and special processes allow us to reliably produce weldments with consistent, precise inter-mount relationship geometry.

For more information on our fabrication equipment and it's capacities please feel free to look over our equipment list.

CNC Tube Bending

With a CNC Tube bender capable of precise bending of tubes up to 2" in diameter with walls up to 0.200" (even stainless tubing) we can handle most any bending needs. Our tube bender also does mandrel bending allowing us to form thin-wall tubing with very little deformation.

Capacity Inches Millimeters
Max Round Tube Diameter 2.0 51
Max Square Tube Width 1.6 41
Max Round Bar Diameter 1.0 25
Max Round Tube Bend Radius 8.7 220
Max Square Tube Bend Radius 7.5 190
Accuracy of Bend ±41,000 ±0.1
Accuracy of Bend (degrees) ±0.1° ±0.1°

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