Twenty-Four years ago Advanced Metal Fabrication and Machine, Inc. was one of the first shops in Arizona to get into the laser cutting business, and since then it's grown into an absolute necessity for our customers, and a critical internal process. As a shop focused on precision and speed it's a must-have piece of equipment.

Perfect Edges

Laser cutting produces parts with smooth edges far superior to other methods. No burrs, no scratches, and no punch marks. Of course punching and machining are other options with their own advantage, and we have excellent in-house facilities when those are more appropriate.

Outstanding Accuracy

The accuracy of a newer CNC laser is hard to beat. Our system will hold a tolerance of .002 across the entire work space. While many people don't realize what an advantage it is, the laser maintains it's accuracy and speed across the entire production run.

Quick Setup and Production Speed

Setup time for a laser is typically less than other machines, there's no special tooling to make and switching between materials requires little effort. The automated pallet changer loads the next sheet to be cut after it removes the completed sheet, allowing the laser to run nearly continuously. We also have a gantry for quickly loading new sheets which also improves overall efficiency.

Our Capabilities

Capacity Inches Millimeters
Maximum sheet length 120 3 000
Maximum sheet width 60 1 500
Precison .002 ±0.05
Maximum Mild Steel Thickness .625 16
Maximum Stainless Steel Thickness .312 8
Maximum Aluminum Thickness .250 6

Related Projects

Image representing Automotive Dent Pulling Cart

Automotive Dent Pulling Cart

Automotive dent pulling cart for mobile tent technicians.


Image representing Complex Equipment Cover

Complex Equipment Cover

Complex part with many surfaces, compound curves and intersecting bends


Image representing Radial bracket with Compound Curves

Radial bracket with Compound Curves

Small and complex fabricated clamping bracket.


Image representing Complex small bracket

Complex small bracket

A small complex sheet metal bracket with 6 bends, and multiple holes.


Image representing Commercial Heating Equipment Housing

Commercial Heating Equipment Housing

Laser cut, rolled and welded sheet metal housing for commercial heating equipment


Image representing Mobile Equipment Tube Frame

Mobile Equipment Tube Frame

Equipment frames fabricated from round tubing and sheet metal components


Image representing Equipment Fan Cover

Equipment Fan Cover

A fan cover for ventilation equipment.


Image representing Large conical structure with interescting compound curves.

Large conical structure with interescting compound curves.

A large complex 12-foot diameter conical fabrication.


Image representing Electropolished Stainless Steel Part

Electropolished Stainless Steel Part

An Electropolished Stainless Steel Assembly


Image representing Tattoo Equipment Frame

Tattoo Equipment Frame

Artistically designed frame for tattoo equipment


Image representing Hexagonal Equipment Mount

Hexagonal Equipment Mount

A aluminum rotating equipment mount.


Image representing Assorted Electronics Chassis

Assorted Electronics Chassis

Various frames for electronics we have made.


Image representing Louvered electronics chassis

Louvered electronics chassis

Stainless steel chassis for electronics equipment with louvers


Image representing Louvered Equipment Cover

Louvered Equipment Cover

This octagonal equipment cover features eighteen louvers.


Image representing Simple Sheet Metal Part

Simple Sheet Metal Part

A simple sheet metal part made with three bends and a rolled flange


Image representing Assorted Equipment Control Panels and Face Plates

Assorted Equipment Control Panels and Face Plates

A collection of different control panels and face plates we have made over the years


Image representing Center Console

Center Console

Fabricated aluminum center console produced for a race car


Image representing Gusseted Sheet Metal Components

Gusseted Sheet Metal Components

Formed gussets greatly improve the strength and rigidity of these parts


Image representing Assorted Aluminum Machine Parts

Assorted Aluminum Machine Parts

Assorted aluminum machine parts


Image representing Sheet Metal Adjustment Lever

Sheet Metal Adjustment Lever

A simple adjustment lever with narrow slits


Image representing Machine component housing

Machine component housing

A simple sheet metal housing


Image representing Simple Equipment Clip

Simple Equipment Clip

A simple clip formed from laser cut sheet metal


Image representing Non-clamping Single Piece Tube Mount

Non-clamping Single Piece Tube Mount

A single piece non-clamping tube mount


Image representing Sheet Metal End Cap

Sheet Metal End Cap

Single piece sheet metal end cap made with 10 folds


Image representing Sheet Metal Guide

Sheet Metal Guide

A laser cut and formed guide


Image representing Powder Coated Electrical Enclosure

Powder Coated Electrical Enclosure

A laser cut, formed and welded, electrical enclosure.


Image representing Assorted Small Sheet Metal Brackets

Assorted Small Sheet Metal Brackets

Assorted Small sheet metal brackets


Image representing Laser cut equipment components

Laser cut equipment components

We produce thousands of these laser cut components to our client which they use to make proprietary equipment.


Image representing Aluminum Laser Cut and Formed Bracket

Aluminum Laser Cut and Formed Bracket

Laser-cut aluminum bracket with four bends