• End-to-end concept through manufacturing services
  • Prototype development
  • Available in-house design and engineering
  • High Precision fabrication
  • One-off and volume machining
  • Manufacturing process optimization
Precision and quick turnaround in everything we do, including quotes

A quote is often the start of our relationship with a new customer, and we know it's important to get off on the right foot. That's why we strive to provide the most detailed and comprehensive quotes possible, and to get them back to you quickly. We can work directly from your files to provide faster, more accurate quotes.

Precision Fabrication

Since 1984 Advanced Metal has been providing precision fabrication services. It has always been our goal to provide quality and service at the leading edge of the fabrication field.

CNC Machining

Advanced Metal offers complete custom machining services with short lead times and high throughput.


We can help you develop your idea into a prototype suitable for testing and demonstration. Part of the prototype process is ensuring manufactureability and reliability.

Manufacturing Optimization

We can provide extensive services to help you optimize your designs for rapid, economical production.

Design & Engineering

We complete design and engineering services for customers who need assistance developing ideas into finished products.

Volume Production

Our machine shop offers volume production with short lead times and excellent quality.

Why Advanced Metal?

Since 1984 Advanced Metal has been helping our customers transform their ideas into reality.
Our customers choose us for many reasons these are some of the most common:

  • Deep understanding of fabrication and machining developed over thousands of diverse projects
  • Complete support at all stages of the idea-to-object pipeline
  • Over 40 machining and fabrication stations enable broad capabilities and rapid volume production
  • Complete packaging and delivery services for fully branded direct to customer drop shipping

"We don't just build things, we build relationships."

Dale Aurich, CEO